Nikola Djoric


Nikola Djoric is one of most interesting and versatile accordion players of a new generation. Born to a musical family in 1988 in Bor, Serbia, Nikola started playing accordion at the age of three. When he was six years old, he was admitted into the music school in Bor and two years later he was the youngest accordionist ever to win the first prize at the State Accordion Competition in Belgrade. In high school, Nikola traveled to the nearby town of Negotin in order to continue his studies with prof. Svetlana Kravcanko. In 2003, after he moved with his family to Vienna, Austria, he studied with prof. Jovica Djordjevic at the Gustav Mahler Konservatorium. In 2006 he started his college education with prof. Grzegorz Stopa on Konservatorium Wien – Privatuniversität. It was here that he obtained his Bachelor of Arts (in 2011) and Master of Arts (2013). In 2009, as an Erasmus program student, Nikola studied with prof. Mie Miki on Folkwang Hochschule in Essen, Germany.

During his education, Nikola obtained a total of ten first prizes at national and international accordion competitions in Europe and was awarded scholarships by ÖSD (Österreichisches Austausch Dienst), Yehudi Menuhin-Live Music Now, HFP Steuerberater and City of Bor Foundation. He also won two main awards (in 2009 and 2011) at the Fidelio Competition, an internal multi-disciplinary competition at the Konservatorium Wien – Privatuniversität. He took master classes and collaborated not only with world’s finest accordion players, but also with many composers and musicians: Mario Formenti, Thomas Bruttger, Jean-Marie Londeix, Fridrich Lips, Mika Väyrynen, Christian Wolff, Dirk D’ase, Claus-Christian Schuster from the Altenberg Trio, Nigel Osborne, Yuri Shishkin and memebers of Klangforum Wien. He also collaborated with many younger composers in Europe and premiered pieces by Ricardo Tovar, Elzbieta Wiedner-Zajac, Ina Petkova, Adrián Artacho, Wen Liu, Alexander Chernyshikov and Lukas Neudinger.

Parallel to his career as a concert accordionist, Nikola is also a dedicated teacher giving private lessons starting at the age of twenty. He opened his accordion class on elementary music school in Stockerau, Austria since September 2012. Nikola has recently started his studies on Institut für Kunstgeschichte (History of Arts Department) at the University of Vienna.